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Why Marvel’s Phase 4 Sucks

Black Widow — Marvel Studios

The infinity saga is done, the first three phases span over a decade long and it’s been one hell of a ride. We’ve seen death from above, from within ourselves and from the sorrow of others; but now all of that is done and we have to move on to phase 4.

Phase 4’s line up was presented a while back by Marvel’s president, Kevin Feige, and it’s finally introducing The Eternals, Doctor Strange 2 and Shang Chi. A-list actors such as Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden and Mahershala Ali are joining the ever expanding universe.

However, there are some disappointments with this phase. Lets look into the good, the bad and the ugly:

The Good

The Eternals

The Eternals is a movie I have been wanting for a while now. They are an offspring branch of humanity that is stronger, can fly and live longer. Their purpose is to fight their counterparts, known as The Deviants (such a cool name). Actors like Richard Madden, Angeline Jolie and Kumail Nanjiani have been cast.

The celestials are also part of the Eternal’s fight, these figures are characters that i’d really like to see in the future of the MCU, potentially as a threat.

The celestials are (pictured below) gigantic humanoid figures, that are sort of like the caretakers (and also destroyers) of the universe. They aid new coming life and destroy potentially threatening ones.

We’ve seen them before in Guardians of the Galaxy 1 using the Power Stone, we’ve also seen them in Infinity War where Thanos went to Knowhere (The head of a dead celestial). Let’s just hope we get to see interactions with at least one celestial during Phase 4.

Celestials — Marvel Comic Con 2019

Black Widow

BLACK WIDOW is finally getting her own movie, we’ve all been waiting for this for a while now. Fans are hoping that the movie carries over the grit and noir-style tone of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and that maybe we can get a potential Winter Soldier cameo?

Its recently been confirmed that the events of the movie are based after Civil War (we know Bucky is frozen but he can be unfrosted?), the movie has introduced David Harbour as Red Guardian (Russia’s response to Captain America), Florence Pugh as another black widow and even Taskmaster as the new villain.

Black Widow in Endgame— Marvel Studios

Now for this next part I don’t have gigantic space so i’m going to summarise the other best parts for me personally.

Doctor Strange — Multiverse of Madness | Marvel Studios

Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness

The multiverse is such a huge opening for potential plots and movies and I’ve been wanting it ever since I first read about it, even more than the celestials and eternals. Doctor Strange is the perfect choice for this as he clearly is just about the only adult in the MCU; according to the panel he will be joined along with Scarlett Witch.

Marvel Studios — Galactus

Fantastic Four

FANTASTIC FOUR & X-MEN is one of the biggest leaps we’re going to get. I cannot express how excited I was when I heard that the, Disney-bought, Fox characters are going to get their own movies. With the introduction of the Fantastic Four, fans are hoping to see a glimpse of Galactus as the future villain for the MCU.


THOR & BLADE are one of the biggest favourites of the current marvel fanbase, with Mahershala Ali rebooting the Blade movies and Natalie Portman stepping up as the new female Thor, we couldn’t have asked for a better switch of events. Thor is currently occupying space with the Asguardians of the Galaxy, so no one is really sure how events are going to turn out, but some speculate that Gorr may become the new villain.

Along with the films, we’ll have a range of tv shows that will accommodate them, with characters such as Loki, Winter Soldier & Falcon, Hawkeye and others getting their own spin off shows.

This is where the not so bad but still its meh, moments come for me.

Winter Soldier and Falcon — Civil War | Marvel Studios

The Loki and Winter Soldier/Falcon tv shows are something that fans are buzzing the most about, there’s no doubt that the majority of the fanbase always wanted to see more of Tom Hiddlestone playing as Loki and now we may get to see it. Endgame showed that the alternate Loki managed to escape and now we can see what his alternate future is going to be.

We all love Captain America and we enjoyed seeing his arc wrap up and having his dance after all this time. Now it’s time for Falcon to take the mantle, and who better than Cap’s own personal friend Bucky Barnes to join him. Zemo will also be joining, it will be fun to see what is going to happen with this show however reports say that the current script is a mess and a very big one.

The Bad

The TV shows are a great idea, I’d love to see Loki and Winter Soldier and Falcon living their own stories and fighting together but some stories such as the Hawkeye & Wandavision stories don’t make much sense and are sort of unnecessary.

Wandavision is supposedly set in the 50’s but we don’t actually have Vision to be able to complete this story, he died in Infinity War. So unless they pluck him out of time and take him and Wanda and leave them in the 50’s, is there really any other possibility. Maybe they grab another vision from the multiverse with Doctor Strange? We’ll see.

The Loki tv show is a thrill for fans because we get to see the life that Loki might’ve deserved instead of the crushing windpipe death that he got in Infinity War.

Despite me talking a lot of love to all these movies and shows, the reason I think it could suck is because these stories are outworn. We’ve seen Black Widow’s fate, and sure it would be nice to know her backstory; but this movie is based after Civil War and some fans don’t care considering it all leads to Endgame regardless, we know she’ll live through that film, the thrill of death isn’t there.

Is there really a point of seeing WandaVision, all they want is an easy life as they’ve shown in Infinity War, this is probably not going to be a thrilling show because of that mentality. What are they going to do in the 50’s? Why are they there? Why should we truly care?

These characters are being excessively used for shows and films and are being carried over to the next saga for no apparent reason other than money. Marvel should rather focus on moving forward with new character and wrapping up other stories such as Guardians or Spider-Man and continuing Panther and Captain Marvel for other events such as Secret Invasion.

After Endgame most of the avengers should’ve had their stories finished and left like Iron Man or Captain America.

The Ugly

What If.

thats all I have to say for this part, not even going to show an image.

Give us your opinions in the comments.

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