Venom 2 Has Started Filming

The Venom sequel is currently in development and considering its previous success, this movie may also hit very well on the box office, the only problem would be the story, the original Venom movie managed to give viewers a sort of emotionally-rushed piece of work that essentially worked well for action lovers.

Currently no details are known and SONY are keeping this very sealed as no leaks are anywhere on the net; the only assumption we can make is Carnage will play a big part, because of the post credit cutscene from the first film.

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Marvel Comics

It might be expected that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man might make a cameo or potentially a crossover fight between the two. Because of the Spider-Man MCU relationship that SONY have now, it’s a possibility for Venom to make an appearance in the MCU, maybe for secret wars?

Venom is an essential asset to SONY considering that their comic book character variety are very small. They’re mostly consisted of Spider-Man and Venom and there can’t be many sequels and prequels about these stories, they also of course have Gwen Stacy and other characters, but they’re mostly web-slingers.

SpiderWoman would be a nice edition to their cinematic universe, of course there was some dispute considering the whole SpiderWoman comic cover caused cancellation of 2 comics; because it was too sexualised. Maybe they can give her proper justice on the big screen.

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Funny enough back in the 90’s, Marvel tried pushing their other characters onto SONY, they practically offered most of the Avengers (including Iron Man) for a rough $25 million, SONY laughed and Exec, Yair Landau, allegedly stated this:

“Nobody gives a shit about any of the other Marvel characters. Go back and do a deal for only Spider-Man”

Oh boy! If only he knew what the future held for Marvel’s dodgy company back then. Now just RDJ’s salary is higher than what they could’ve bought these characters for.

What do you think of Venom 2? Some people say it shouldn’t happen.

Do you agree?

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