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The Batman: Recasting Everyone

From the moment The Batman was announced, it’s been a crazy rollercoaster, for fans and cast. We’ve seen Ben Affleck shift to main lead and director, to then abandon the entire movie; Matt Reeves stepped in, Jonah Hill was hired (sorta) then fired, and a crazy boat load more.

Catwoman — DC Comics

As of recent, more information has come to light about DC’s The Batman, it seems that Matthew McConaughey was taking the role of Two-Face and then left; previously it was John David Washington (Denzel’s son) that was in talks for Harvey Dent.

Andy Serkis is in talks to play Alfred the butler (not bad); Penguin was allegedly going to Colin Farell (wtf); Paul dano is taking the role of riddler (seems right); and Jeffrey Wright was officially cast as commissioner Gordon (perfect).

Penguin — DC Comics

Before all this we had Catwoman being taken by Zoe Kravitz and as we all know by now, Robert Pattinson is the main lead as the Caped Crusader and Dark Knight.

As of late, there’s still no confirmation around who’s going to play Harvey Dent/Two-Face or who will take the Penguin role, however, there’s still some time until shooting starts in January 2020.

Robert Pattinson was recently seen learning his moves with the John Wick trainer, Brazilian JiuJitsu instructor Rigan Machado. We can safely say he’s working hard on his skills to fight crime in Gotham’s future stories.

Let us know what you think of this whole mess of a casting and recasting.

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