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Morgan Stark and Tony Stark in Endgame

Endgame Footage Leaked

The internet is swarming right now, there are tons of new footage being released online about Endgame and it’s really OVERWHELMING! In this scene we see the conversation between Tony Stark and his daughter, Morgan. Of course, in this version, Morgan is grown up and the conversation does seemingly become quite ineffective at connecting with […]

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Galactus - Phase 4

Galactus might cameo in The Eternals

Marvels been pushing their agenda really hard; just recently it was announced that marvel will aim to release at least 3-4 movies a year. Within the next few phases we will come to meet our next set of heroes after the events of Endgame. Currently phase 4 is stuffed with mostly allies that we know […]

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Hulk - Captain America

Hulk invented Immortality?

Endgame has wrapped up and its now the biggest movie of all time, however fans aren’t quite done with it. The fan theories are still pouring out everywhere and this latest one seems like quite a stretch. SPOILERS FOR ENDGAME AHEAD During the events of Endgame, we see the team time travel, this was done […]

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Thor Ragnarok Ending Fight

Loki will have more than 1 season?

Infinity War never gave Loki true justice Since the first time Tom Hiddleston was introduced into the MCU, the fans have been loving him and his performance; they really enjoy the character more than he knows. When, in Endgame, Loki collected the Tesseract from the floor, the fans went berserk; when they found out that […]

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Brie Larson in Marvel's Endgame

Captain Marvel Fight Added Last Minute To Endgame

Captain America had his moment, but so did Captain Marvel. With the world watching your every move, it must be impossible to bring together such a wonderful end to a decade long saga, which the Russo’s managed to do. All the characters, the scripts, the special moments, and more, are impossible to keep together and […]

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Black Widow from Endgame posters

Why Marvel’s Phase 4 Sucks

The infinity saga is done, the first three phases span over a decade long and it’s been one hell of a ride. We’ve seen death from above, from within ourselves and from the sorrow of others; but now all of that is done and we have to move on to phase 4. Phase 4’s line […]

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Endgame Ending Fight - Phase 3' ending

Avengers are no longer in the MCU… For now

Avengers have DISASSEMBLED, until Disney say so… Avengers Endgame was the wrap-up point of the first three phases, and the main saga. Since its release we’ve been given a range of characters that will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including The Eternals, Fantastic Four and even a reboot of Blade. Since Endgame we haven’t seen any […]

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Hulk in Ragnarok

Hulk To Become A Mentor For The MCU Kids?

Hulk could become the next Nick Fury? Hulk has been a predominantly known character throughout the MCU, since Infinity War, Hulk has kinda been a nuisance but a loveable character. His highlights were during the Whedon reign, but he’s still a great character now. Although we’d really love to see him SMASH some stuff again. Since […]

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Endgame writers want Captain America to NEVER return

Everything has to die eventually, right? As of April 2019, every single MCU fan has been a complete mess of emotions, Iron man tore himself to pieces, Falcon took the Captain America mantle, Black Widow dolphin dived off a cliff, and Hulk now has a mushroom arm. Despite all of this traumatising news, Steve Rogers […]

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Martin Scorsese is RIGHT and WRONG about the MCU

Martin Scorsese is one of the most influential directors of, potentially, the past decade and so forth, alongside other directors such as Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan and more legendary moviemakers. Martin Scorsese has recently made headlines because of his statements towards the MCU and regarding them as something other than cinema. The 76 year old […]

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