Star Trek 4 Found Its Writer, It’s Not Tarantino

Back when Once Upon A Time In Hollywood was released, Tarantino fans were upset to find out that he will officially be releasing one more movie, before retiring his career. Some sources stated that Paramount were looking for Tarantino to finalise their story but we finally find out, that’s not true.

Noah Hawley, the creator of Legion and Fargo, has been hired for the 4th instalment of the Star Trek franchise. Reports also state that Chris Pine will be reprising his role as Captain Kirk, alongside this Zachary Quinto and other cast members like Zoe Saldana are also expected to reprise their role.

Originally the story that was set to be followed was a time-travel based script. Jim Kirk was meant to meet his father, George Kirk, who was played by Chris Hemsworth. Contracts were made for both Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pine but things didn’t go as planned and changes had to be done.

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No details are currently out about the movie, however back in 2016 during an interview with GamesRadar, Zachary Quinto said that he’d like to see an evil kirk; Chris Pine stated that he’d like there to be ‘less action’; he wants the movies to follow its original plots, discovering planets rather than constant warfare.

I like that idea, it’s nice to switch from explosions to actually discovering new planets and species, and building a story from that, rather than enemies always seeking to destroy the federation.

John Cho jokingly said: ‘You wanna go back to earth, maybe?’ Seems that Cho isn’t too excited with all the constant terrestrial fighting and story, maybe he prefers grounded stories? Conflicted feelings and good dialogue?

Karl Urban also said something interesting:

I would like to see something inter-dimensional, the space between space. When you transport and your body gets transformed into molecules. In that nexus, what happens there?

These were all ideas given by the cast, and its actually really good ideas. Karl Urban and Chris Pine’s ideas really should be considered into the story making of the 4th instalment.

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