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Snyder Cut Probably Sucks

Before you read this, know I’m not just a Marvel fan, I’ve been wanting a proper Green Lantern movie for a long time now. I want to see DC shine as bright as Marvel, which I know they can, but I don’t think #ReleaseTheSnyderCut will do that.

I admire Marvel because they went from bankruptcy and loans, to making $6 billion in just 2 years. Captain Marvel, Infinity War and Endgame. I love DC because of their characters and their possibilities, I just hope this recast and focus on individual stories, creates a better DCEU, with more compelling plots.

Let’s begin:

The Snyder cut probably sucks… I know, I know, you’re probably going to hate me; but just listen to me for a moment.
Zack did a phenomenal job on Man of Steel, and his Batman. The heavy hitter, crazed maniac, and broken / torn Bruce Wayne, was a beautiful and gritty construction.

But that doesn’t mean that Batman VS Superman was an incredible film, that switchover point (Martha) was stupid but also quite effective. The shared emotional traumatisation, of losing a parent, was a good idea, considering that they’ve both lost one (one more than the other), because of the humanity during its moment.

However the fight itself to begin with was stupid, it’s understandable why Batman would not like Superman, he ripped a city apart, (wasn’t his fault tho). But why does Superman hate him? Because he branded someone? Ridiculous. The entire reasoning is terrible.

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Doomsday, was pointless. His appearance came out of nowhere and it would’ve been better to keep him as a herald, for Darkseid, rather than a random spawn from Lex Luthor. That whole ending fight was unnecessary, and oh look, all of a sudden Batman and Superman are friends.

Now let’s talk about Justice League.

Zack has been posting countless amounts of images on twitter, of multiple characters. We’ve seen Cyborg, The Flash, and just recently Batman. Fans are wildly awaiting their beloved Snyder Cut.

Justice League was a mess, one thing that was terrible was the dialogue itself. It couldn’t have had worse dialogue, even if they tried. Now we all understand that Joss Whedon (The Avengers director) took over and finished Snyders work, after the devastating events that the Snyder family had to endure, but we can’t ONLY blame Whedon, WB also played a major part in its failure.

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Joss Whedon’s take on the Justice League was horrendous, but Snyder’s probably isn’t that far off.

One of the major issues Snyder made was to remove David Goyer as main screenwriter; Goyer wrote all three Dark Knights alongside Nolan and even did Man of Steel (which had an excellent story). Goyer partially worked on BVS and had no hand in Justice League, but was main writer for Man Of Steel.

The next major issue is that Snyder focuses on the wrong aspects of a movie; instead of focusing heavy on emotional delivery from the actors and a good story, he’s more concerned in kick-ass moves, big explosions, epic moments and all other, fun but useless, moments. Man of Steel’s story is powerful with great backstory and excellent reasoning.

Zodd’s character was perfect, he committed genocide and evil acts but did it all for the greater good of his own people, a man that does evil for a greater reasoning than his own. This is all thanks to David Goyer of course, Snyder heavily focuses on making Superman a superhero rather than a relatable character.

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Snyders version of Superman is really plain and overpowered, he can literally lift anything, punch everything, invincible to everyone and their weapons, and the only weakness is kryptonite; this makes the character boring and pointless, if he cannot be broken or conflicted, than why even create him at all. He is literally invincible to all harm apart from Kryptonite.

Do you think the Snyder cut will be amazing or terrible? Let us know in the comments.

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