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Russo Brothers Interested In Moon Knight

Moon Knight is a favourite of mine since I heard of the character back in 2017. I’m not sure if TV series will give him justice, however I’m usually wrong about MCU.

The Russo brothers have recently shown interest in working on Moon Knight series, they’ve been known for their work on Captain America’s trilogy, and now they want to take their hand in TV series.

Before this the Russo announced a bunch of projects that they’d be interested in. Originally they claimed to not return unless Marvel make a Secret Wars movie, which is apparently in the works, and afterwards one of the brothers claimed to be interested in a Wolverine movie.

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Marvel Studios

Moon Knight is a recently announced show, alongside Ms Marvel and She-Hulk, that is currently not in development. The newly announced show has nothing planned yet; marvel are more focused on WandaVision, Falcon & Winter Soldier, Loki and others.

We know that Moon Knight will be eventually tied in with the Blade movie that is set to come out in Phase 4, or 5 if they push it back, maybe it will be an end credit scene? Nothing else has been revealed about either projects, but we know that something is linked between the two.

The Russo’s are currently hard at work with movies such as 21 Bridges coming out soon, whilst also working on Cherry (Staring Tom Holland), and also another project, named Past Midnight, staring Keanu Reeves. The duo have their own production company named: AGBO FILM LLC. With this they are able to fund future projects and make a nice return on movies.

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