Robert Pattinson – “No Interest to play a hero”

Pattinson definitely has been reading the comics.

Earlier this year, Robert Pattinson, was cast as the future Dark Knight in Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Since then there’s been a spell of love and confusion, some fans of the DC hero are still daunted by the history of Pattinson’s choices, we’re talking about Twilight, of course.

Recently, we’ve been getting bombarded by a metric ton of new information about Matt Reeves’ Batman; just a few days ago it was confirmed for Andy Serkis to take the role of Alfred Pennyworth, a while before that Robert Pattinson had started his martial-arts training and before that he was consuming all the batman comics he can before shooting starts in January.

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Currently Robert Pattinson is stuffed with work, alongside starring as the main hero in the new Reevesverse, he also recently worked alongside Willem Dafeo in The Lighthouse; and currently working hard in Christopher Nolan’s new movie, Tenet.

Pattinson, with what little time he has left, recently sat down along with Jennifer Lopez in a Variety interview. He spoke about many topics including the fact that he’d like to play a ballerina in a film?

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Throughout the interview they continue to question each other about their movies, their career choices and other questions. Pattinson started asking Lopez about why she felt that the movie would be worse off with a male director, and then continued to shift to Roberts work on The Lighthouse and method acting, Twilight and other areas.

During the interview near the middle, whilst talking about Batman, Pattinson stated:

I was very, very focused on it, it kept coming back to my head.

He kept recurring that he really was interested in the role and wasn’t just picking up the role for no apparent reason.

He then continues to say:

Its different as well; I mean I have no interest in playing someone who is heroic, the only time I want to play someone who, the audience knows they’re supposed to like, is when they really shouldn’t like them

Lopez continued to defend the Caped Crusader, stating that he has a drive, that it’s an interesting character, and as an actor she would think ‘its fun’ to explore that motivation of becoming the Dark Knight. She even joked about being Batman herself. Not a bad shout? She could become BatWoman? Or an alternate timeline Selina Kyle in the future?

Catwoman – DC

Pattinson even talked about the character and expressed knowledge about the comics. He regarded batman as a character who, deep down, considers himself as a good individual but also questions his own morality at times.

This would definitely be a good edition to the character’s persona in future movies, maybe Reeves might take some inspiration from Pattinson and his interpretation of the Caped Crusader?

Let us know whether you think Robert Pattinson will nail his role as The Batman.

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