Marvel & Sony Dispute Continues

Since the whole Spider-Man left the MCU decision went down, we’ve all been wondering what the future will hold for Spider-Man. Is uncle Ben getting murdered again? Is Spider-Man going to
be his own mentor now? Will the Venom crossover happen in the MCU or outside it?

When the decision was made that the two companies will be going their separate ways, fans were devastated as well as furious by their choices.

It was Marvel VS Sony!

Fans stormed twitter and instantly blamed SONY for their actions, only to later realise that Marvel wanted to take a larger cut of future income, even though they don’t own the rights for Spider-Man or any of their associates.

Now it seems that more dispute is being entered into the match.

Image result for spiderman confused"

Disney+ has recently come out and Disney have been putting major work into their services, they’ve offered movies from decades ago, movies from all sorts of franchises. You can probably guess which franchise we’re going to talk about.

Disney is placing all their Marvel movies into the service eventually. It’s taking its time. But unfortunately two movies will not be included.

Would you like to take a guess which movies?

Spider-Man: Homecoming and Far From Home will not be included in Disney’s streaming service. They are predominantly SONY property and they cannot be pushed onto Disney’s streaming service… COUGH Disney just buy Sony COUGH.

Everyone is hoping to soon see some co-operation with the two companies. Spider-Man will stay on for one more solo MCU movie and another MCU movie; potentially Secret Wars, but what happens after?

What do you think of this whole mess?

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