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LOKI’s show is problematic and probably FUN

There’s no surprise that Marvel are soon heading towards the multiverse; movies like Dr Strange: Multiverse of Madness are set to release by 2021, and other shows such as Loki are stepping into the scene, meaning that it will ultimately lead into the multiverse or different ‘branch of reality’.

Since the announcement of phase 4 fans ponder about the end result of the TV series that are set to come; some fans are excitedly waiting for the Loki show and many fans are ecstatic over the Falcon and Winter Soldier show.

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Loki with Tesseract – Marvel Studios

We know that Loki manages to survive in the altered timeline, when our heroes tried to intervene with their ‘time heist’; this ultimately allowed Loki to escape and create new possibilities.

The only problem I see with this is that Loki doesn’t have the full emotional weight of all the events that bonded him and Thor together. This is probably better for some fans, as he’ll still be that mischievous and playful Loki that we’ve known before, but it won’t be the more mature and loving brother that we all grew to love.

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Loki and Thor – Marvel Studios

Some bonding moments that we see throughout the MCU between the brothers is in Ragnarok. We see them unite together to face a greater threat on both of them and their people, their sister Hela.

In Thor: The Dark World we see them fight off another evil together, after losing their beloved mother. This loss allowed them to become stronger because they understood that they’re starting to become alone. Thor especially became more attached to Loki, since he thought Loki had died trying to save Asguard and Thor.

Loki, Odin, and Thor – Marvel Studios

Again in Ragnarok they show their mutual love and their brotherhood when their father passed away. Odin was always very kind to both of them, he always showed compassion but was fair on them both; even when Loki cast a spell and bewitched the ‘all-father’, Odin simply laughed and said their mother would be ‘proud’.

These moments are removed considering that he stole the space stone and is probably now lurking in other parts of the universe; Thanos from that timeline is probably now looking for him; maybe he even teleports away to Thanos to give him the stone? Who knows.

For now, we know that Loki will be a mix of madness, spread across time.

What do you think the Loki TV series will be like? Let us know, down below.

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