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Loki will have more than 1 season?

Infinity War never gave Loki true justice

Since the first time Tom Hiddleston was introduced into the MCU, the fans have been loving him and his performance; they really enjoy the character more than he knows.

Loki — Endgame — Marvel Studios

When, in Endgame, Loki collected the Tesseract from the floor, the fans went berserk; when they found out that their beloved Loki is going to continue to exist, they were ecstatic (even if its in another universe).

Then in phase 4 , we found out that Loki will be getting more screen time through a limited TV series, that is set to debut in somewhere around 2021 (probably). Fans were even happier with this outcome. Loki can finally get his own story and progress his character, without the need of Thor.

Loki with the Tesseract — Endgame — Marvel Studios

Fans were expecting to get a single season, however new information has come to light that we maybe getting a second season as well.

Take the following information with a grain of salt:

This information (sourced by GWW) comes after Marvel have tried to create 4 different LLC’s for the production of their upcoming movies and TV series. The most likely production company for Loki was cited as ‘Limbo Productions I LLC’.

The reason GWW think there are more seasons is because of the ‘I’ in the production companies name; this might indicate part 1, thus predicting more seasons to come. Not even the first Avengers movie had a ‘I’ within the production company name.

We’re not sure what it means, but it might have a different meaning all together. It may have no correlation with anything, it might just be an I. We will have to wait and find out.

Loki with the Revengers — Ragnarok — Marvel Studios

Loki was recently also confirmed to tie together with Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness; this means that we will probably get a cameo or a full appearance between the three magicians; Wanda, Loki and Dr Strange.

Do you think this information might turn out to be true?

Let us know in the comments.

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