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JOKER: A Tale of Chaos and Beauty — The Review

This world of furious rage and curious monstrosity is one of grotesque and confusion. On one hand I never seek any harm to any individuals, but in this world of chaos, the audience roots for wholesale slaughter.

The Joker (2019)

– Plot –

Although tweaked multiple times, the plot really does do something for the viewer. We meet Arthur Fleck, an individual that has barely anything in his name, just a lone and unknown person who works to keep his mother fed.

The story delves deeper into Arthur’s progression in his failing career as a comedian and his mental illness that usually affects him during inconvenient moments.

Overall the plot has many turning points and many emotional arcs throughout. All of these moments progressively lead to his psychotic break which allowed him to become the ‘clown prince of crime’.

Bathroom Dance — The Joker

– Music –

The music is indulgent and quite grim at times, it matches the overall tone of each scene very well. The colours of the music especially worked well during the ‘bathroom dance’ scene.

Hildur Guðnadóttir actually wrote some of the score before the shooting scenes which allowed some scenes to really transcend into madness. Her work was definitely shown to be a greater part of the movie, the overall build up of tension and mental break-down was really heard in the music.

Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck— The Joker

– Cinematography –

The ultimate thing I loved the most throughout the movie was the choice of cinematography, this graphical and violent movie was a consequential masterpiece because of the shots. In many scenes, the colour mixtures was brilliant, the contrast of Joker and the Murray’s show curtains.

Even the joker’s appearance has a thrilling, yet unique and distinct set of visuals, the red, white, blue and the entire suit are all such a beautiful blend of chaos to represent the ‘music’ within Arthur Fleck.

Todd Philips, the director of Joker, creates very good storytelling through some of the most visually complex and distinctive shots i’ve seen in a while. Scenes such as Arthur walking up the steps, at the start of the movie, allow viewers to pity the characters whilst simply watching a man walk up steps.

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