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Joker 2 Is Officially Happening

According to THR, WB has officially greenlit Joker 2; the current talks are that Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips are both in talks about reprising their parts within the movie.

Todd Phillips initially never wanted to make a sequel to Joker, this would’ve been the right approach; a masterpiece should not be touched upon. That’s just a little quote I made up after playing The Last of Us.

Phillips is being said to have already taken his place as the director of the sequel; alongside this he’s also working on an origin story for another DC villain, potentially Black Adam?

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Warner Brothers / DC

Some people think that this is not such a surprise considering the massive success of Joker that was released nearly 2 months ago; it was the first R-rated movie to ever reach $1 billion at the box office.

Joaquin Phoenix has, numerous times, expressed that he would like to explore the character further, he has been shown to grow attached to the character. Phoenix previously lost a major amount of weight for the role of Arthur Fleck and could be doing it again soon, assuming he’s probably gained the weight back.

Todd Philips has stated that the script hasn’t been formatted for a potential sequel, but after witnessing the ending psychiatrist scene, when he’s in Arkham Asylum, fans wanted an explanation; and now we will receive one.

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Warner Brothers / DC

This news just hit today and currently no information is going to be available for Joker 2 but there are some speculations about who the new villain origins will be. Some speculate Darkseid, but this will be too far. The logical choice was suggested, Lex Luthor. It would be great to see Lex’s ascension into power and his reasoning for always hating Superman.

What do you think of a sequel?


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