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Joker $1 Billion At Box Office

Joker has officially hit $1 billion at the worldwide box office, the movie has been gaining and unimaginable amount of recognition since its announcements.

Currently no other R-rated movie has ever hit that high record before, the highest previously held was Deadpool 2 (with the first instalment being 2nd highest). Not even, the masterpiece, Logan managed to reel this kind of income. DC really did overcome Marvel with all their attempts, to become highest R-rated

The, Joaquin Phoenix starring, film was heavily criticised even before it reached cinemas, this was due to its violent nature and aggressive content that would be shown. The major fear was that the influence of the movie could inspire others to commit similar acts of vulgar behaviour on the streets, late night shows or anywhere else.

However, circumstances unveiled differently, the movie barely implicated any damages; there was no correlation between the movie and any violent outbursts anywhere. The only thing it caused was a massive amount of, unoriginal, Joker costumes during Halloween.

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Warner Brothers / DC

Since it’s release, the fans have been speculating a metric ton of theories; some speculate that the whole movie is “inside his head” because of the ending 5 minute of the film, where Arthur is in Arkham Asylum talking to a psychiatrist; some believe he imagined half of the story, after trapping himself inside his own fridge, waiting to freeze to death; and others just aren’t sure.

Joaquin Phoenix, the main star, recently spoke to Los Angeles Times clearing up a lot of rumours; he had this to say:

It’s been super interesting how people react to the movie and what they see — and to me all of these answers are valid

— Los Angeles Times

He also went on to claim that he believes, everything that we see within the film, is true and Arthur Fleck is definitely the Joker and not an inspirational figure for the real joker.

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Warner Brothers / DC

Alleged reports came out after the movie claiming that this movie might actually link with the DCEU; originally this was a solo film, disconnected from the shared universe. However, claims were made that Warner Brothers might use this movie as a figure for the real joker to come.

Bruce Wayne is still a young boy in the film, so this Joker can’t be the main protagonist to Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne.

What do you think of the whole thing?

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