Iron Man SURVIVED! In the OG Endgame

Endgame is somehow still keeping its relevance in the media and news, it seems that months after becoming highest grossing movie of all time, it still has juice running on it.

Endgame is the 4th, and last Avengers instalment, for the Infinity Saga. The movie finalised with guaranteed ending for 3 of the 6 characters. Thor is still set to be doing 2 more movies, after that we won’t know.

Since the, untimely and well-fitted, death of Tony Stark, fans have been pondering about the future of the MCU. However, it seems that in the original concepts of Endgame, there were options to keep the beloved Iron Man.

In the article’s main image, we see an alternative ending scene. In the shown image, we see Captain America heading to return the stones but also running off to live his love life. But in the corner we see Tony Stark helping out. This means initially plans were different and ideas developed over time.

Image result for captain america endgame old
Marvel Studios

Some speculate that, considering the secrecy that Marvel had for Infinity War and Endgame, the image was made for the purpose to mislead any leakers or any eyes that weren’t meant to see the image.

The thing I’m wondering about is:

Is that old cap in the bench, all the way at the back?
Is he already there waiting, even before younger Cap leaves to live his fantasy with his beloved, Peggy Carter?

What do you think of this?

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