Hulk in Ragnarok

Hulk To Become A Mentor For The MCU Kids?

Hulk could become the next Nick Fury?

Hulk — Ragnarok — Marvel Studios

Hulk has been a predominantly known character throughout the MCU, since Infinity War, Hulk has kinda been a nuisance but a loveable character. His highlights were during the Whedon reign, but he’s still a great character now. Although we’d really love to see him SMASH some stuff again.

Since Hulk’s snap in Endgame, he’s physical strength, and effectiveness during battles, have deteriorated and seems that he can no longer be an Avenger. Endgame directors Anthony & Joe Russo have recently explained why he was permanently damaged even with his healing powers.

Hulk — Endgame — Marvel Studios

In a recent interview with ET Online, after being asked about Hulk’s place in the future of the MCU; Mark Ruffalo stated:

“I’d like to see him hang out with some of the new folks, you know? Maybe be like a guru to some of the new, younger ones.”

Instantly, Kevin Feige jumped in to support the actors answer, saying:

“Good idea, that’s a good idea.”

Considering that the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), are now starting to work around their younger characters, it’s a possibility that we will see a Young Avengers event happening in the future. Hulk may have a large influence on the teams, and might even become a leader to the Avengers, taking over Nick Fury’s place.

Cassie Lang — Endgame — Marvel Studios

We know that we’ve had a cameo from Harley, the kid from Iron Man 3; and we’ve also seen Cassie Lang grow up into a teenager, and we have a Kate Bishop coming to the Hawkeye TV show. This will all ultimately lead to a Young Avengers team up, and potentially a Dark Avengers crossover.

For now, if we need another rage monster, Marvel are working on a She-Hulk show and she could take over the whole: “HULK SMASH” persona. Will it be as good as Ruffalo’s Hulk? Let’s just wait and see.

Let us know what you think of this move.

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