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Galactus might cameo in The Eternals

Marvels been pushing their agenda really hard; just recently it was announced that marvel will aim to release at least 3-4 movies a year.

Within the next few phases we will come to meet our next set of heroes after the events of Endgame. Currently phase 4 is stuffed with mostly allies that we know and love, including Dr Strange, Black Widow, Thor, and a range of TV series.

After phase 4 it is expected for us to eventually meet the new X-Men, and Fantastic Four. Fans are eagerly awaiting for John Krasinski and Emily Blunt to take their rightful places as Sue Storm and Reed Richards.

Alongside these characters we will officially be receiving our Eternals team, which mostly compromises of Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Gemma Chan and more.

The Eternals – Marvel Studios

The Eternals are going to introduce a set of characters known as Celestials, giant powerful beings that are metal figured and have major power in the universe; destroying life, controlling it, creating pocket universes and more.

One glimpse that we may get is Galactus; potentially the MCU’s next major villain, that is more like a survivor rather than evil individual, that will wreak havoc the moment he joins the expanding universe.

Galactus has been associated with Silver Surfer, one of his heralds. He’s even made appearances in the older Fantastic Four movie series, but that wasn’t an accurate or a nice representation of the true Galactus.

Image result for tyrant marvel"
Tyrant – Marvel Studios

Rumours of Galactus have been creeping up on the internet for a while now, since around phase 2 people have coming up with ideas on how to approach this character.

Rumours have recently sparked higher since there were variable sources claiming that Liam Neeson might be looked into playing the character. currently those reports aren’t confirmed and the information could be wrong.

Tyrant is another villain that was shown to be rumoured; however, again nothing is confirmed. Our guess is that Tyrant may make an appearance in the Eternals instead of Galactus, as a teaser for potential future setups, such as the well known Thanos grin in 2012’s The Avengers.

What do you think? Let us know.

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