Female Loki to join MCU

The new sets of Marvel TV shows that are coming out, are going to be unique and breaking boundaries. We’ve not had proper MCU connected shows; we did have Agents of Shield, but that wasn’t properly connected and was mostly kept out of the circle for most part of the MCU movies.

So now we have all these shows to expand further on characters that didn’t get the proper requirements to bond with audiences. Hawkeye didn’t get much character focus during the last few movies. Joss Whedon did give him a family and showed us a softer and clearer side of Clint, which was nice and allowed us to feel something for the talented archer / assassin.

Now the character Loki is getting his own show, and the show will have aspects of time travel and a connection to the multiverse (through Dr Strange: Multiverse of Madness).

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Information on the show seems to be at an all time low, we’ve even had info from WandaVision and set images from Winter Soldier and Falcon, but very small fragments from Loki.

According to Deadline, word has come out that actress, Sophia Di Martino, will play a large role within Loki. Nothing specific has been identified, but some speculate that Sophia will play a female Loki.

Some speculations claim that the Loki may transform into his female counterpart, for mischievous behaviour of course. However, we think considering that the show ties with Multiverse of Madness, it might be another universes version of Loki; maybe Hela could be their brother?

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Loki as Captain America – Marvel

Loki has been known to transform into any gender, any person, and even any animal throughout Norse mythology. Ragnarok (3rd film) and The Dark World (2nd film) showed us that he can transform into a snake and Captain America. So maybe it’s just him doing bad deeds? Or maybe it’s ‘her’ from another universe? Who knows…

What do you think of this madness? Let us know in the comments.

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