Falcon & Winter Soldier Concept Art Leaked Online

Kevin Feige, the father of Marvel, has been hard at work. Since Iron Man 1 he’s ruled all the MCU films and their stories. Without his guidance and trajectory, Marvel may have gone bankrupt like they were supposed to in the 90’s; this was back when they sold a large amount of their characters to stay afloat, including Spider-Man and the X-men; circumstances are different now.

Winter Soldier art
Winter Soldier – Marvel Studios

After successfully managing a decade worth of movies and plots, he’s finally moved onto working on TV shows for the franchise.

One of these shows includes Falcon & Winter Soldier. If you’re an MCU fan then you would know this combination came from the end results of Endgame and Winter Soldier movies.

Fans have wanted this combination ever since their hate and care chemistry in Civil War. Alongside Falcon and Bucky, we’re also having Sharon Carter and Zemo being reintroduced into the universe.

Sharon Carter art

Now that recording has begun for the show, we’ve managed to get a glimpse of the characters and their appearance. Recently, leaked concept art shows the characters having their traditional colours being used.

It seems Bucky is more stable and comfortable in his new set of garments, Falcon seems to bring more comic book accurate outfits.

Falcon concept art for Disney+
Falcon – Marvel Studios

The show runner has said that series will not be “all action all the time”, allegedly the characters are to “go home” to ultimately “unearth who they are”. Earliest reports said that the OG script was ‘a mess’ and needed much changing, so we’ll just have to wait and see what we receive in the end.

Do you like the concept arts? Let us know.

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