Morgan Stark and Tony Stark in Endgame

Endgame Footage Leaked

The internet is swarming right now, there are tons of new footage being released online about Endgame and it’s really OVERWHELMING!

In this scene we see the conversation between Tony Stark and his daughter, Morgan. Of course, in this version, Morgan is grown up and the conversation does seemingly become quite ineffective at connecting with the audience.

The whole dialogue takes place in the soul stone world after Tony snaps his fingers. This is reminiscent of what happened between younger Gamora and Thanos in infinity war.


In another scene we see all the Avengers assemble together and discuss their strategy. Fast remarks and quick replies is filled in this scene.

During this scene, most of the members are in a small pit and are waiting for Thanos’ army to attack. They are looking for the quantum tunnel van;

Tony Stark heavily engages Dr Strange asking him continuously:

“How do we win?”

Along with these video footage we also had many concept arts that were tossed in the process of creating the movie. There was very little time left after infinity war, not enough time left for extra scenes.

In one art concept, Nebula raises the gauntlet and wields it; currently nothing more than that was shown. The concept art also showed different variations of the quantum suits, time GPS trackers, cap wielding mjolnir, rocket outfits and much more.

Even Ant-Man had a blast in the concept arts, in one depiction we see him tossing Hulk, who in turn is tossing Spider-Man. With this being said, Ant-Man also rides a Leviathan from the Chitauri army.

If you thought all of this was crazy, this next part will be confusing everyone. During most of Infinity War, both Dr Strange and Tony Stark were not close and really only had mutual respect. In this unused art concept, both Strange and Stark trade eachother’s weapon for the other.

Dr Strange wearing the Iron Man armour whilst Tony wore the cape and became a sorcerer.

unfortunately a lot of these scenes were removed or not even used and this tragedy causes great pain for the fans.

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