Christian Bale No Longer Method Actor

Christian Bale has been known to be an extremely talented and committed actor, his performance as Batman was intriguing and lesson-filled, his performance on American Psycho really stood out, his swordsmanship in Exodus really showed.

Bale has been known to shift his mental, emotional and physical (emphasis on the physical) into a character and embody that character into their own lives. A trait only few actors can posses.
Bale usually increase the amount of weight for a role or majorly reduces it to become very skinny, back to normal man.

Ever since these drastic changes, Bale may not have been the same as before, some actors claim his diet and commitment to be “that of a monk” and gave praise to him, a lot.

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Bale has officially stated that he no longer will be losing and gaining weight for roles, his commitments for these roles are too demanding and even one source said, he might “die” from all this.

Bale’s performances have been outstanding, his ability to shape shift (literally) is incredible. Even during a “making of” for Batman Begins, Bale managed to put on a lot of weight for his role of Batman, up to the point where he may not have been able to put on the costume.

Recently Bale spoke to TorontoSun about why he never made a Dark Knight 4th instalment, whilst promoting his latest film, Ford V Ferrari. Matt Damon stars alongside him in the film.

In another interview for the same movie, Bale and Damon started to go into detail about losing weight for movies, Bale hopes that this doesn’t become the norm for actors:

I worry about this becoming a regular conversation, because it isn’t healthy for people to do that. And it becomes some kind of marker for commitment to your craft or whatever. I never viewed it as that. I just sort of went, ‘Oh, I think I have to do this.’ I worry when it becomes a marker of, ‘How committed are you to a role?’ ‘How much did you lose?’ And eventually there will be some tragedy because of this. It should be an anomaly. You go for the essence of the character.

It was reported that he gained about 40lbs for the role of Vice and then instantly had to lose 70lbs for his role in Ford V Ferarri. That’s a dangerous weight change within such a short span of time.

Image result for ford v ferrari poster"
Christian Bale playing Ken Miles – 20th Century Fox

Damon also stated that he changed his figure within a certain period of time for another film. He went from 190lbs [averaging] to around 130lbs. This impacted him mentally and physically, he stated that he was on medication and really isn’t healthy way of life. After this he had 3 weeks to put back on, a lot of weight.

Bale completed his statement about no longer losing and gaining weight, with a:

I keep saying I’m done with it. I really think I’m done with it, yeah.

What do you think of the choice he made?

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