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Hulk Endgame Infinity War Avengers

Why Hulk Missed an Opportunity In Endgame

Endgame finalised more than 6 months ago, but that won’t stop me from writing about the MCU, or from leaks and other details being leaked to the internet. During the events of Infinity War, we see Bruce Banner losing his control with Hulk. Previously before this we’ve known that Hulk and Banner were symbiotic to […]

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Joaquin Phoenix Joker

Joker 2 Is Officially Happening

According to THR, WB has officially greenlit Joker 2; the current talks are that Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips are both in talks about reprising their parts within the movie. Todd Phillips initially never wanted to make a sequel to Joker, this would’ve been the right approach; a masterpiece should not be touched upon. That’s […]

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Star Trek 4 Found Its Writer, It’s Not Tarantino

Back when Once Upon A Time In Hollywood was released, Tarantino fans were upset to find out that he will officially be releasing one more movie, before retiring his career. Some sources stated that Paramount were looking for Tarantino to finalise their story but we finally find out, that’s not true. Noah Hawley, the creator […]

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Moon Knight

Russo Brothers Interested In Moon Knight

Moon Knight is a favourite of mine since I heard of the character back in 2017. I’m not sure if TV series will give him justice, however I’m usually wrong about MCU. The Russo brothers have recently shown interest in working on Moon Knight series, they’ve been known for their work on Captain America’s trilogy, […]

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DC Superman

Henry Cavill Is Still Superman

We’ve officially hit two years since Justice League hit cinemas across the world, and it’s safe to assume that many fans weren’t pleased with the result. Batman star, Ben Affleck, had left the role and director Matt Reeves took over, bringing in Robert Pattinson as the main hero. Wonder Woman and Aquaman are still proceeding […]

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Christian Bale No Longer Method Actor

Christian Bale has been known to be an extremely talented and committed actor, his performance as Batman was intriguing and lesson-filled, his performance on American Psycho really stood out, his swordsmanship in Exodus really showed. Bale has been known to shift his mental, emotional and physical (emphasis on the physical) into a character and embody […]

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Endgame Captain America

Russo Brothers Defend Marvel From Scorsese

Russo brothers have been at the top of the game, ever since they began working for MCU in Captain America: Winter Soldier. They’ve now toppled the box office for both Infinity War and Endgame. With Endgame, they officially beat Avatar to become the highest grossing movie of all time ever. This places a high responsibility […]

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Black Widow MCU

Black Widow Trailer Soon

According to an insider source — DanielRPK — it is likely for us to receive the first teaser trailer for Black Widow around 2nd to 3rd of December. The source is a trusted and known provider; he has previously given Endgame trailer release dates and was correct with those details. The cast of Black Widow […]

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Female Loki to join MCU

The new sets of Marvel TV shows that are coming out, are going to be unique and breaking boundaries. We’ve not had proper MCU connected shows; we did have Agents of Shield, but that wasn’t properly connected and was mostly kept out of the circle for most part of the MCU movies. So now we […]

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The Dark Knight 2008 / Joker

Why Dark Knight 4 Was Never Made

Christian Bale has been known to be a phenomenal actor, his method acting for movies is untouchable compared to other actors. Christopher Nolan is an excellent director and screenwriter, his stories break the standards and his ideas are vastly complex and very unique. Together, the two managed to create the perfect variation of The Dark […]

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