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Black Adam Solo Movie Release Date Set

The Rock finally joins the DCEU

Black Adam is officially in the cut, and we don’t mean the Snyder cut. Just a few hours ago Dwayne The Rock Johnson dropped a special poster for all of us to see. The poster was created by Jim Lee, the CCO of Warner media company, and a well credit and talented designer by the pseudo name of BossLogic.

Black Adam – DC

BossLogic is no stranger to the scene, he’s made a variety of different work. His most notorious work comes from Spider-Man: Far From Home, where he worked on multiple Spider-Man posters and even got a shoutout from Jake Gyllenhaal on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show.

Dwayne Johnson was confirmed to play Black Adam, a very long time ago. Johnson also confirmed that shooting will start in (July?) 2020, this gives them plenty of time to reshoot, adjust and make the necessary changes all in time for the Christmas debut.

Originally it was intended for the Shazam’s enemy (in his solo film) to be the villain Black Adam, events occurred and he became the main villain for Suicide Squad 2, until James Gunn took over; now we know that he’s going to have his own solo movie.

DC Comics

Currently fans aren’t sure which direction the character will move in, commonly in the comics, Black Adam has been a main arch-enemy of Shazam (e.g. Joker & Batman, Superman & Lex Luthor, etc.), however, some fans speculate that he will transition from hero to villain after events take place.

Black Adam has been known to take on major characters, heroes such as Superman, Shazam and Hawkman, in the comics. Since the phenomenal success of Joker, DC have been pouring more resources into solo films (like this one) and shared universe characters to take the big screen.

What do you think of a Black Adam solo movie? Do you think it will succeed or fail? Could it beat Joker?

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