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Avengers are no longer in the MCU… For now

Avengers have DISASSEMBLED, until Disney say so…

Avengers Assembled | Endgame | Marvel Studios

Avengers Endgame was the wrap-up point of the first three phases, and the main saga. Since its release we’ve been given a range of characters that will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including The Eternals, Fantastic Four and even a reboot of Blade.

Since Endgame we haven’t seen any updates of the Avengers assembling again within the future or any of their characters, apart from Spider-Man; but he’s generally trying to avoid this whole lifestyle all together.

We know that in phase 4 we’re receiving a whole range of new and known characters, but nothing has been shown for a future Avengers team or a potential setup for future Avengers events. Fans wonder what the future might look like without an Avengers defending the world.

Spider-Man — Civil War — Marvel Studios

In a recent Investors’ call, Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, has stated:

“In Marvel’s case, I’m calling it the post-Avengers world,”

Within all past phases of the MCU, we’ve seen at least a single Avengers movie or a large scale crossover event (Civil War); however in Phase 4 we won’t be seeing any future assembling for a while, however we don’t know if that’s indefinite. Iger also stated:

“It doesn’t mean there aren’t films being made with characters from the Avengers. In fact, we have Black Widow coming out, in [2020], and a Thor 4 movie in the works, and I can go on and on. We also are mining other characters like Eternals.”

Black Widow — Endgame — Marvel Studios

Currently it seems that Marvel are depending on their individual stories rather than their crossover events, which isn’t a bad choice, we usually end up loving the characters more, during a crossover, when they have previous history with the audience.

The next Avengers will most likely be a major hit and a box office success (like always), so it’s essential to give some time and growth, for the characters and the audience, before bringing in the next major villain.

Doctor Strange — Infinity War — Marvel Studios

Disney+ is set to be released later this month in the US, and on 31st of March across Europe. Shows such as Loki will interact with Dr Strange’s: Multiverse of Madness and characters like Wanda will also be included.

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