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5 New Marvel Movies Announced For 2023

Marvel have just slotted 5 different movies between 2022 and 2023. No information has been released or hinted towards what sort of movies it could be. We know that Kevin Feige is hard at work on the TV series that has started production recently, but now he has his hands full for a very long time.

Nothing is known about these movies, BUT there have been rumours circulating the internet recently, and OH BOY! Im gonna love writing these rumours for you:


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Marvel Studios

The Russo brothers went absolutely crazy on both Infinity War and Endgame, they helped Marvel desecrate the box office and their run is now over with the Avengers, EXCEPT if they get Secret Wars, that’s their word, not mine.

Secret Wars is a crossover event in the comics that abducted heroes and super-villains and placed them against each other in a “battleworld”, in a distant galaxy, far from any reach of a civilisation. The planet contained alien technology and included X-Men, Avengers, even Galactus was involved.

Although I could be wrong, it could be the potential future choice, clearly without X-Men for now.

Secret Invasion

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Marvel Studios

After the events of Captain Marvel, we got to see that before the Avengers formed, there were Skrulls all over the world already taking care of Human business. After Far From Home we saw that Nick Fury was essentially a Skrull for half the MCU, and this was a perfect setup for Secret Invasion.

Now we know that high security clearance is actually Skrull just hiding in plain sight; in the comics, the Skrull are considered evil and corrupt, but in the MCU they’re just home-seekers after their world was decimated by a galactic government.

Of course, in every species there are bad apples, some of them are probably looking to cause trouble, which in turn will create one incredible movie for us MCU fans. Knowing the Skrulls, those bad apples are probably government officials already.


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Marvel Studios

Since Disney bought Fox, the fans of Logan, X-Men, Avengers and all Marvel nerds, have been softened (in their hearts of course), and the amount of ideas and comic possibilities was overwhelming. Fans of Hugh Jackman’s Logan, wanted him to even have a cameo appearance but Hugh isn’t a sellout, he has officially left the Wolverine days in the past.

The X-Men is such a major part in the Marvel comics, characters such as Doctor Doom, Charles Xavier, Magneto and other incredible characters, their disruption, saviours, and helping is always important for a good continuity story.

X-Men are an essential part of the story, without them, in the end, Marvel would never be able to complete their stories. Buying Fox was a smart decision, we even might get Deadpool in the MCU.


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Marvel Studios

Avengers was the leading part of the entire MCU, they were the forefront of everything; now that they’re officially over, (and the CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, claiming that the Marvel Universe is now in a ‘Post-Avengers’ world) it’s time for new blood to join the ranks; especially since Disney purchased Fox meaning the Young Avengers could really have unique teams compared to the comics.

The Young Avengers is a perfect choice right now considering that the MCU is now filled with young and ambitious heroes; we have Harley from Iron Man 3 that can play Iron Lad; Casey Lang is now old enough to be Wasp; and we can even use Spider-Man, considering that he’s still a teenager in the MCU.

Fantastic Four

Marvel Studios

Fantastic Four is an essential plan, which is already in the works, and will setup the future of the MCU. With enemies such as Doctor Doom, Silver Surfer, Annihilus, and the major enemy Galactus, we’re going to have a brilliant future in the comics universe.

Fans have been eagerly waiting for John Krasinksi and Emily Blunt to take over as the fantastic duo; they’re married in real life, why not make it into the comic-book universe?

What do you think the 5 movies will be?

Let us know in the comments.

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